About Joe

It occurred to me that as the years go by and my memory fails, significant events in my life will just fade away, and if I don’t record them, who will? Life is a work in progress, so this will always be growing. I’ll add more structure if it starts to get out of hand.

  • August 1st, 1970, 6:59pm Joseph Robert Jobson was born in Pontiac General Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan to Margaret Jean and Raymond Jobson with the help of Dr. W.F. Von Valtier, MD.  Margaret was 23 and Raymond was 25.
  • 1975-1976, Cedar Lake Elementary, Oscoda, Michigan:  All I remember from this school was getting lost my first or second day of school and balling about it until another student helped me out. Naturally, I ended up having nightmares about it happening again for years after that.
  • 1976-1979, Oscoda Elementary, Oscoda, Michigan:  I remember liking this school a lot. I had a crush on one of my teachers and sent her a love note (she replied, saying she was flattered, but she was probably too old for me). They had a small hill along the side of the school that would get iced up in the winter and many of us would bring roll-up sleds to school and sled during recess. What a ball! Years later, I found myself bringing a sled to work and I would go out back and sled down the hill during lunch break! Good ideas never die. Oscoda Elementary was my school from 1st grade thru part of 3rd grade.
  • 1977, Star Wars! My first movie in a movie theater was Star Wars. I had no idea what it was going to be about, and all I could picture was a t-shirt another kid at school wore with a couple of animated stars duking it out with boxing gloves.  At first I was disappointed that it wasn’t a cartoon, but eventually realized that it was still amazing!
  • 1979-1980, Miller Elementary, Brighton, Michigan: My introduction to computers! The library had a Macintosh with a cassette tape drive and they would let me borrow it on the weekends! I even used it as a lure to get a cute redheaded girl I liked to come to my house on the weekend (and it worked). How nerdy is that? We moved from Oscoda after my parents divorced and moved into my favorite house ever in Brighton. I was in Miller Elementary from part of 3rd grade thru 4th grade.
  • 1980-1981, Lindbom Elementary, Brighton, Michigan: I had a great teacher this year. I don’t remember his name, but he would occasionally stick a kid in a garbage can if he was acting up (not out of mean-ness, we all thought it was funny when it happened). At this school I began to meet friends I would know thru high school. I went to Lindbom for 5th grade. I had to switch from Miller to Lindbom because my brother and I moved in with my dad in Hamburg, and Lindbom was the school that had bus service in our area.
  • 1981, Fitzsimmons Middle School, Bailey, Colorado: This was an odd one. Work was not going well for my father, so he took a chance on a job out west, packed up the family (two daughters and three sons still living at home then) and drove to Colorado. THAT was a long drive! One car (a Lincoln pulling a U-Haul trailer) with four kids in the back seat and the fifth kid up front with Dad & Marlene. I remember how we would take turns having two on the seats and two on the floor. At least we got to stay in hotels and motels and eat out along the way. Our home was a small cabin up in the mountains. The location was beautiful, with the Platt River in the front yard and a mountain in the back yard. Three weeks after we moved in, my parents decided it would be best for Matt & I to be back in Michigan with our mother, so we packed back up, and flew home to Michigan! I later learned that the work situation was not what it was supposed to be, and that it was going to be an extremely difficult first winter (financially) for the family in Colorado, so I’m sure two less kids helped. Eventually things improved for them and they moved into a Denver suburb and stayed there for years.
  • 1981-1984, Maltby Middle School, Brighton, Michigan: Another excellent school. Brighton had a lot to be proud of in those years, their schools were all highly rated in the U.S. (or at least that’s what they told us). My first year was the best. Mr. Adams, Ms. Gilshire, and Mr. Szczechowski (not sure about the spelling on his name). Everyone in the school knew that they were the best team in there, and I was lucky enough to be in there group. Grades were broken up into two teams for each grade, and teachers were assigned to each team (two for 6th, two for 7th, two for 8th). Mr. Adam’s attitude reminded me a lot of Bill Murray’s character in the movie, Meatballs. Unfortunately, that was the last year of the team approach and the broke up the “dream team” and things were never the same again. At the end of the year I remember a student assembly where Mr. Adams had our entire group chanting, “it just oesn’t matter, it just doesn’t matter!” after the announcement of the changes. I had myself more computer classes here, and even was a “teacher’s aid” in one of them (beats doing actual work), and again, was able to sign out computer equipment to take home (but wasn’t able to land any dates in doing so). We lived in Brighton across the street from the Mill Pond. Looking back I think it was an excellent place to grow up, and my mom did one hell of a job supporting the three of us, and making sure to save enough money to go on vacations every summer and have super special memories every Christmas.
  • 1984-1988, Brighton High School, Brighton, Michigan:  I hated high school. The school itself was OK, but I just wanted to be somewhere else. I fell asleep in classes (and still somehow managed to get mostly As and Bs) out of boredom. I took four years of French and couldn’t speak a sentence to save my life. I knew I wanted to join the Army when I got out so everything before that seemed like a waste of time. I felt more productive at my after-school jobs then with any actual school work.
  • Late 1985, My First Car!  My mom gets a loan for $1,300 and gives me the payment book so I can buy a new Toyota Landcruiser with a 350 Chevy engine in it.  I was only 15 and had it payed off before I was 16, and even rented it to a friend of my mom’s for a while, but once I was 16 it only ran a few times so I sold it to a friend for $300. The embarrassing thing was that when I was taking it to his house to drop it off, I decided to do a little off-roading along the way, and it broke down on me out on the trail! I had to call him to come get it (and me).
  • Late 1986, My First “Good” Car:  My grandfather loans me $1,200 to buy a 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlas Supreme.  I found the car for sale next to the Pink Hotel in Brighton.
  • August 4th, 1988, The Army Life for Me!  I left for basic training for the start of a four year tour with the U.S. Army.  I started at Fort McClellan, Alabama with plans to be in the Military Police, only to be offered a more cushy job as an analyst with Military Intelligence.  After a few weeks in basic training with a Chemical Battalion, I ended up in the hospital with double-pneumonia.  I was sleeping up against a pole at night because if I lay down flat the fluid would drain out and choke me.  Finally one of my drill sergeants pulled me out of a class and sent me to the hospital.  For the first 11 days in the hospital I was given a newer medication that my body failed to respond to, and apparently I almost died from it.  Once they put me on erythromycin (the most common treatment for pneumonia) it was cleared out of my system in 14 days.  I went from a 6’1″ 152 pound weakling to a 137 pound weakling!  I looked horrible!  They sent me home for a 20 day convalescent leave so I could put on some weight.  After returning to Alabama I started basic training over again with the 40th Military Police Battalion.  Five or six weeks later I found myself in the hospital with pneumonia again!  This time I was out in five days, and was still able to finish up on time (whew).
  • December 22nd, 1988, Married at 18!  Lori Ann Blassingame does me the honor of becoming my wife.  We were married in Howell, Michigan with a small group of family and close friends present.  The reception was at the Brighton House in Brighton, Michigan.  This was also the 43rd wedding anniversary of my grandparents.
  • December 28, 1988, New Home in Texas:  I fly down to San Angelo, Texas (and arrived late after missing my intended flight) for Advanced Individual Training as a 98C at Goodfellow Airforce Base with the 3rd Military Intelligence Battalian.  Lori and Owen came down to join me about a month later after I got us a furnished apartment off base.  There we met many people and made many friends, like Shawn and Daphne Adams, Pete and Missy Morin, and many others.  My primary instructor, Scott Adams made very difficult subject matter much more interesting with his unique teaching style.  Initially a bought a really crappy Oldsmobile Delta 88, and after fighting with it for a couple of months we bought our first new car, a yellow 1988 Ford Escort (with the help of Lori’s mom as a co-signer, even though it was a Ford).
  • July 1989, Ft. Meade: After learning my Military Intelligence job in Texas, I got my first real assignment – working at the National Security at Ft. Meade, Maryland with the 741st Military Intelligence Battalion. Wow! Exciting stuff! When I think back on it the experience still seems pretty exciting. We had a small apartment provided to us by the Army and lived there for two years.
  • August 1991, Korea: Much to my dismay, I received my orders to transfer to the 751st Military Intelligence Battalion at Camp Humphrey’s, South Korea for a hardship tour without Lori, Owen, or Liz. Prior to this assignment, I was convinced I was staying in the Army until retirement. About half way thru I realized I just wasn’t willing to keep spending time away from my family and this would be my final year in the Army.
  • June, 1992, MascoTech: I start work as a machine operator at an automotive parts supplier in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. I move into a Quality Assurance Inspector position after about six months, and the become the Plant Quality Manager about a year later. The company starts a continuous improvement program and puts me in charge of that, but it all just feels like a daily grind – just a job. Eventually a position in IT opens up for a UNIX System Administrator and I take it. I then start taking all sorts of company sponsored classes to adequately handle the job. They took a big gamble with me, and I was really lucky it all worked out.
  • February 1998, Awrey’s: I start work at Awrey Bakeries in Livonia, Michigan. This is a huge foodservice manufacturer that makes awesome baked goods for food distributors like Sysco and Gordon Foods, stuff like cakes, muffins, danish, biscuits, and tons more to be sold in restaurants, hospitals, schools, military, etc. I started as an IT Systems Administrator and eventually took over the department at IT Director.
  • March, 2005, JCM: I start work at JCM American Corporation, an electronics manufacturer in Las Vegas. The job starts as an IT Systems Administrator and quickly grew into the IT Manager position.

I have a LOT of blanks to fill in still, and I only update this info when I’m in the mood, so it may be days, months, or years before everything is current, but eventually most of the important stuff will be here. If I have anything wrong or if you know of an event I may not remember, please let me know!