River Regatta August 2014

This year’s 8th annual Bullhead City River Regatta was the second for us – and according the the organizers they had over 100,000 registrants! This time we stayed at the Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall in Laughlin. Surprisingly we really liked staying there. The staff was very friendly, the room rates were some of the best in town, the main restaurant is the best in town, and we were able to pull the truck right up to our room to unload our stuff. Definitely a do-over. The shuttle to the launch point took about an hour total, we were on the river for about 8 hours, and then the trip back took maybe two hours because there were so many people at one place – but they had a lot of buses and kept it flowing pretty well. Two cameras were lost, Stitch cut his foot pretty bad, and a bunch of us got nasty sunburns, but it won’t keep us from returning a little wiser and more prepared next year! Click HERE for the full album.

regatta2014_01 regatta2014_10 regatta2014_24 regatta2014_26

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